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By Travis Mitchell
Post questions here for the two people on the ballot for District 28 State Representative this November, Mike Turzai (R) and John Craig Hammond (D).

If one of the candidates decides to answer your question, they will create a new topic in the Answered subforum. A moderator will put a link to that thread within the original question post, and notify the questioner in case they want to follow up.

There is no such thing as a bad question, but here are some suggestions which may improve yours:

  • Keep the subject short.
  • Put a list of hash-tagged subjects at the bottom, so people can find relevant posts through searching. Example: #Environment
  • Use @ symbol with a name and no spaces to flag who you are addressing the question to at the bottom. Example: @JohnSmith
  • Include some contact links so people can let the person know they would like to see an answer to the question. You can copy and past the links here, which will be kept updated:
Code: Select all@JohnCraigHammond
Campaign website: [url=][/url]   
Facebook: [url=][/url]
Twitter: [url=][/url]

Code: Select all@MikeTurzai
Official website: [url=][/url]
Campaign website: [url=][/url]
Facebook: [url=][/url]
Twitter: [url=][/url]

Here are some examples of questions from a different board, feel free to ask versions of these if they are what you had in mind:

Subject: Redistricting for Partisan Advantage?
Body: Redistricting has been abused in Pennsylvania to make many districts uncompetitive and absurdly shaped. This reveals a great contempt for the democratic process by those responsible. Would you support amending the PA Constitution to assign the redrawing of both congressional and legislative districts to an independent commission composed of citizens selected to ensure fairness in the process?
Subjects: #gerrymandering, #redistricting

Subject: Global Warming Views?
Body: How important do you think global warming is as an issue? What do you think can be done at the state legislature level to address the problem?
Subjects:#ClimateChange, #GlobalWarming, #environment

Subject: What do you support doing to make it easier to vote?
Body: Specifically: Would you support allowing eligible citizens to both register to vote and cast a ballot on the day of a primary or election? Do you support changing the law to allow absentee voting without having to provide an excuse (no excuse necessary absentee voting)? Do you support allowing eligible citizens to register to vote on line?
Subjects: #Voting, #Elections, #VotingAccessibility, #Suffrage, #VoterRegistration, #VoterFraud

Subject: A fairer state tax system?
Body: Pennsylvania has one of the most inequitable tax system in the country. Do you have a plan for a fairer tax system?
Subjects: #StateTaxes, #Taxation