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By Travis Mitchell
Post questions here for the incumbent of this office, Glenn Thompson (R), or for any challenging candidates. Keep the subject short (<40 characters) and put a subject keyword in caps first.

If a politician decides to answer your question, s/he will create a new topic in the Answers\Conversations subforum. A moderator will put a link to that thread within the original question post, and notify the questioner in case they want to follow up.

If you are receiving compensation for participating in this forum, you need to disclose the details of this within your posts.

Here are some suggestions for a footer which will make your question easier to find:

  • Put a list of relevant topic search words at the bottom, so people can easily find your post through searching. Examples: AffordableCareAct, PreExistingConditions, ClimateChange
  • Use an "Asked..." search word to flag the people you are addressing the question to. Example: AskedThompson
  • Put a list of district keywords at the bottom.
  • Include some contact links so people can let the person know they would like to see an answer to the question.

Here is a sample of footer information for Glenn Thompson. You can copy and past the bbcode text from here, and edit as needed:
Code: Select allTopic Search Words: AskedThompson, 2017
District Keywords: CD05, Pennsylvania Congressional District 5, GlennThompson
To Contact Congressman Glenn Thompson:
Office website: [url][/url]
Facebook: [url][/url]
Twitter: [url=]@CongressmanGT[/url]