Pennsylvania Townhalls

About VoterVoices
There has been a lot of relevant e-democracy activity, both theory and experiments, in the last two decades. Some particularly relevant papers are:

  • Realising Democracy Online: A civic Commons in cyberspace, by Stephen Coleman and Jay G. Blumler (2001, pdf). A district forum is similar in many ways to the online Civic Commons described here.
  • Direct Representation: Towards a Conversational Democracy, by Stephen Coleman (2005, pdf). This discusses the problem of disconnection between representatives and representated; vTownhalls and district forums are mechanisms to create a new connectedness.
  • Democracy, deliberation and design: the case of online discussion forums, by Scott Wright and John Street (2007, pdf). This article, which demonstrates the importance of a forum's design, has been cited more than 300 times.